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That quote about losing the argument either way is a Stoic type wisdom that is so needed today. I think people vilify their fellow citizens (especially in politics) in order to feel no guilt about winning an argument at all costs (nasty language and name calling included).

Here is Marcus Aurelius on criticizing others:

"From Alexander the grammarian, [I learned] to refrain from fault-finding, and not in a reproachful way to chide those who uttered any barbarous or solecistic or strange-sounding expression; but dexterously to introduce the very expression which ought to have been used, and in the way of answer or giving confirmation..."

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Good thoughts about Carnegie and how we could have done better as parents if we had been more aware of his principles.

Joan Sutherland - her wikipedia biography says she was 6'1", but this is not supported by the numerous photos during her long and illustrious career, which suggest she was about 5'8 3/4 (unless you count the very abundant hair) - "She refused to be even 5 foot 9" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdOBYaMbwsI. And here she is with Kiri Te Kanawa (https://www.talkclassical.com/threads/how-tall-was-sutherland-61-or-what-i-have-proof.83817/ ), who was apparently 5'6'' and their height doesn't seem very different.

The same debate seems common for opera singers - Wikipedia says Pavarotti was 6'2", but this also seems to be an exaggeration, most sites say 5′ 10¾. They certainly seem to be about the same height in the lovely clip you included of them singing Parigi O Cara together.

You see me belatedly trying to apply Carnegie's ideas?!

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Brilliant application of Carnegie's principles.

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