In general, i agree with you, but some context on Israeli actions is still requisite. The actions of the Israeli government have allowed a more or less free reign in Gaza (as long as they were not openly hostile) for Hamas over the last decade. Netanyahu is on record tolerating them as the de facto government of Gaza. He did this as a matter of benign (in fact, malicious) neglect. In no way does this justify actions of Hamas, but neglect of Gaza and the denial of human rights there is the fault of Israel and the ingredient that Hamas uses to recruit and justify. At this point, one can only say that religion continues to ruin lives, no matter which false deity is chosen.

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You are probably correct about many of the people that are supporting Hamas not being evil and/or hating Jews. I believe they are "LIVs" (low information voters) that truly lack any historical knowledge or ability to think independently. The leaders in this effort though know exactly what they are doing and are nothing but power hungry evil bastards. Harris's article is spot on!

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One more thing. You wrote this in your first article about the topic: “The IDF is going out of its way to avoid civilian casualties, putting their soldiers at risk to provide safe corridors for Gazans”

After 2.5 months the IDF has killed over 15.000 civilians, more than a third of them being children and obliterated city turning The Strip in a concentration camp. You seem to be content with this modus operandy and justify the IDF actions. Don’t you?

This is a clear point on how much disrespect you have over the lifes of others that are not like yours. Please no more of your doctrines about the genetic lottery, your hypocrisy on the topic is at plain sight.

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It took you over a month to realize that people in pro Palestinian marches are not bad people and do not support terrorist organizations.. but you’re missing completely the main reason of their protests and calling them plain ignorants without having a clue of their knowledge on the topic.

Keep your arrogant and pompous lines about how ignorant is the people that don’t think like you for yourself and let everyone feed their own brain how they wish. If people don’t think like you on the matter you welcome to unfollow you and stop reading your ideas about life and investing. How childish is that?

You’re so bias on the topic that are unable to see any other perspective.

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This is like the trolley problem with a twist. How many innocent people in the trolley will you kill so that it collides with 1000 terrorists and kills them. 10000, a lakh, a million, a whole people. You claim to represent justice but it is obvious from your comments that 1 Israeli Jew is equal to 1000s of Palestinians. To stop a possible future attack on your people which might kill 100s or 1000s you think it is justified to kill 10s of 1000 or millions of palestinians today. Think about it. I hope your people don't perpetuate what was done to them in the 2nd world war.

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Great article and comments. Perfectly agree with. Thank you.

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Thanks for all the wonderful investing information and your honest thoughts on life from a very personal view. You leave yourself open for all manner of unwarranted criticism.

To me the one great frustration I have are with those who cling to identity politics and perceived historical truths. This will never solve anything. Ultimately it will be those gifted with calm assurance and dispassionate commitment who will negotiate a peaceful resolution.

Interestingly I watched a Saudi based TV network interview conducted by an Egyptian journalist with a Hamas spokesperson. She was scathing in her criticism. Then there is the former head of Saudi Intelligence who gave a speech at the Baker Institute at Rice University which is worth listening to ... pretty extraordinary given the Saudis were front and center in their previous denunciations of Israel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3-cWyFcK5w

It took two World Wars in Europe during the 20th century until extraordinary boldness defined a new common future. The holocaust, millions dead in the Soviet Union, twelve million Germans uprooted from their "historical heartland" like Köningsberg/Kaliningrad and the Sudentenland in Czechoslovakia. Even if an individual German resisted Hitler they were dispossessed by coveters and "cleansed" from the East just as Bedouins and peacemakers in Israel suffered a similar fate on October 7th.

Where then is the Sadat who will sit with Begin?

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Israel is cutting off electricity, water, there is no food, no shelter. Bombing hospitals, schools, ambulances and sniping journalists, arresting children. Killing those babies in the incubator and this is how they're defending themselves from?

11,500 civilians are dead. Including children, but none of that is fazing you. It's just a collateral damage.

Maybe you are the one who has been brainwashed. It's a genocide you're supporting.

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