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Dear Mr Katsenelson,

Thank you very much for your great and profound description of the situation in your country. As a German, I am ashamed of the repulsive mass demonstrations in Berlin and other German cities, in which demonstrators of Arab or Turkish origin, but also German intellectuals, especially from the left-wing scene, shout loudly about freedom for Palestine, but at the same time fail to mention the Hamas massacre or even celebrate it at the beginning. As a schoolboy, I visited Israel immediately after the attack on the Israeli team at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and felt the same unease then as I do now. Hate breeds hate again and again . A peaceful solution - after the end of Hamas - must be found. Otherwise everyone will have to continue to live in fear and terror.

Let's hope that there will be peace again.

All the best to you and your family!

Heinrich Dahmen

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UN is a joke. Anybody who watches Ukraine shouldn’t be surprised.

Others „international organisations“ like Red Cross or Amnesty International are not just jokes - they are direct agents of brutal aggressor. Slowly and steadily infiltrated and corrupted while America was obsessed with herself and wasn’t looking.

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Cause for optimism!

While the universities changed from wellsprings of wisdom to wellsprings of hate, they also dumbed down entire populations! I heard a saying: “Some people are so open-minded their brains fell out!” We are witness to that today!! So, if you still have your wits around you you’re doing better than 99% of the world population!!

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Thank you. A great article. Have already shared it

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Outstanding article. Thank you.

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Vitaly, I stand with you and with Israel. My wife and I are believers in the God of your fathers, and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

From Hamon (in the book of Ester) to Hamas, the evil one has fueled hatred of G*d’s people to prevent the Messiah from being born and to prevent His return.

The Jewish people may be a tiny fraction of the world population, but they are also the only people who preserved their identity while in exiled among the Gentiles for so long. You may not have been taught the faith, but the Gentiles made sure you knew you were different, and insecure people fear different.

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Mr. Katsenelson, please help me understand you and know who you are better. Who did you vote for in 2016? And in 2020?

I ask this to understand if you are just now getting to the party or if you have been here all along, but have just standing in the shadows, not wanting to lose any business. Which is fine, except now, it isn't, is it?

Having read a fair amount about Weimar Germany and the horrors of the 30's that followed, it seems most Jews went along with the zeitgeist hoping it would abate. And then it was too late.

So, tell us, please. Or, if that might cost you too much financially, please respond to me privately by email. I will keep all correspondence confidential. Since regardless of how you answer my inquiry, it seems now you understand the stakes.

These questions are not meant to ridicule. They are meant to elucidate and to challenge. To help others understand what is at stake is not worldwide Jewry, although that is true. No, what is at stake is civilization itself.

As Ronald Wilson Reagan famously said in his 1964 speech (I was only four years old but it was and is one of the greatest liberty speeches of all time), "Now is the time for choosing".

This sort of thing is SOOOOO FRUSTRATING for those of us who have been paying attention. This has been obvious for 30 years if one had any sense of history, of human nature, of the nature of Leftism. This is ALWAYS where it ends up.

Oh, well, welcome to the party, pal. (Christmas movie reference there).

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get a gun. get multiple guns. learn how to use them. you cannot count on anyone other than yourselves for protection. that is the lesson of history.

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The global elite tried to instigate a race war, it failed. Now in the Middle East, and other countries, it’s an attempt to start a religious war.

With our open southern border, how many terrorist cells have entered our country? Purchase that gun, take shooting lessons and protect yourself and family.

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In Iraq, when the four contractors were killed in Fallujah, and hung from a bridge, the Marines told all civilians to evacuate. They waited two or three weeks for them to go if I remember. Anyway, the rules of engagement throughout the war were heavily tilted towards protecting civilians, to a ridiculous level. They got progressively more restrictive to the point where soldiers could not fire at people with weapons unless fired upon first and positively identifying the threat. If the person happened to drop the weapon they could not shoot him. So people could fire directly on troops, drop weapons and leave without harm.

In response to the ‘Your skin is white, you are straight, and you are male’ section of the essay, then think of the following. Around than 75% of Jews vote for Democrat party who has become the Marxist party. Most of the ones who don’t are Orthodox.

These racial quotas and strife are a direct result of progressive capture of the government and colleges. Brought upon themselves partly by Jews who make up a disproportionate amount of Democrat politicians and voters. The abhorrence of guns is another learned trait from progressives. Who tried to disarm Jews? Not conservative Christians. (Mao said all political power flows out of the barrel of a gun, what a valid quote!)

Anyway the last point to make is there are many, many examples of progressive Jews saying things like “white replacement is a good thing”. Then in the next breath saying they are not white, they are Jewish. So they support white demographic replacement, then as the chips fall they are surprised when their Marxist brethren think they’re a valid target. I don’t want anyone targeted because of their race or religion, but all the support of Jews for progressives helped bring this upon themselves. If they hadn’t used their cultural power and influence to bring about progressive policies this wouldn’t be happening. I think sometimes that importing the third world to make themselves one of many minority blocks and weaken white Christian influence was the stupidest plan they had.

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I am only surprised that you are surprised by all this!

We are being played, you didn’t realize within a day or so that blm was a big con?

All this virtue signaling idiocy is a power grab, it is all about power!

These people (mostly woman, why is that?) marching are Lenin’s useful idiots for our time.

There is great evil in our world and always has been,the ancients knew it, we seem to forgotten it at our peril!

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Very well said. Thank you. I too was thinking of the George Floyd incident. One man is killed and the World is up in arms, perhaps as it should be. But 1400 Jews are killed. Eh, nothing to see here, keep moving on. No big deal. Smdh.

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I am with you on this. Was born in what was then Soviet Union and even though it was dissolved when I was a child the discrimination against Jews was still prevalent. I was personally discriminated by teachers for being a Jew, name calling, and other forms. One of the teachers would not give me good grades while I was one of the best students in my class basically forcing me to be the worst. I was just a child and had no idea at the time why some of them were that mean, I realize that later in life. I am as you, shocked and disgusted by the support that a barbarian terrorist organization has received from supposed equity and inclusion fighters in hour society while Israel is portrait as an oppressor. The reaction of intellectual elite at Universities, and the young kids that are apparently no long have any conception of critical think or humanity in them despite all that DEI nonsense that they have to learn. It scares me to think that the best Universities in the World have managed to raise a whole generation of evil and ignorant racist.

Anybody who truly want Palestinian people to live better lives should want Hamas to be gone, since they are the once that kept them in poverty and misery and finally brought a horrible war on them, at least that would be what a civilized critical thinking person should understand, however as we can see it is way beyond that, and most of them don't care about Palestinian people, it is just an excuse to come out of the closet and freely displace their hate of the Jews.

Also, as you, I can't believe that I am living at the time when I have to think of whether I can or can't disclose my Jewish nationality living in what used to be a civilized Western World.

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Hi, i am a regular reader of your columns and find you to be very logical and meticulous in your thinking. i also enjoy your writing on music . As an indian hindu, i am also no great friend of muslims so you can take it that i am at best neutral if not on the side of Israel . I was initially dismayed at the barbaric attack on israel but within days my sympathy turned as i saw that the palestines were denied even basic facilities like water. the bombardment where 1000's of palestine children have been killed and labelled as just collateral damage is not forgivable. I am completely sympathetic to the Jews for the atrocities you have suffered during world war 2 and even throughout history. However, your people should be careful as you are now appearing as oppressors even in the eyes of people who would have ordinarily supported you.

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Vitaliy; Very well thought out view point I feel for the people in Gaza but they have supported Hamas for years now they are paying the price. Isreal cannot allow Hamas to rebuild or Hams will do it again.

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And yes, buy a weapon. But GET TRAINING!!!. A gun is simply a tool. A very dangerous tool. And like all tools and especially dangerous tools, in the hands of someone who isn't properly trained, that tool is more likely to harm the user than to accomplish the task.

Also, if you intend to buy a gun but haven't thought through what it would mean to use it to defend yourself, then don't buy it. Because if you can't bring yourself to kill another human being, and that IS what we are talking about here, let's not kid ourselves, then that gun will most likely be used to kill you and yours.

I am thankful that my father instilled in me these lessons when I was a wee lad. Would that more fathers had done the same with their sons. There are benefits to growing up a PROUD REDNEC!!!

If you need help, just let me know. Bad times are not coming, they are here. Be ready.

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